Exhaust manifolds, MC1/MC2/KH/UR-Q

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Mon Dec 17 01:53:04 EST 2001

Wow, wastegate venting is bad enough on most stock exh. manifolds (venting
only runners 4 and 5) that buttom manifold only vents the wastegate from #5.
Some where some turbo-theory engineer is rolling over in his grave...

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jeg1976 at yahoo.com writes:

<< Cool, I've never seen one like that, I'd like to know
 which car that came off of.  It looks like it could be
 a little more restrictive since only one cyl. is using
 that outside runner.  Hmmm
 --- Martin Pajak <martin at quattro.ca> wrote:
 > I am still trying to find out which cars came with
 > this uncrackable
 > manifold:
 > http://www.quattro.ca/1983urquattrogallery/0027.jpg
 > It's the one on the bottom.
 > It is missing the part that usually cracks.
 > It's been on my car for a year now.
 > I need to find another one for my '85, that is
 > unless I go EFI and header... >>

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