This is the video to get - but not for the US

Perry, Christoper (EDS) chris.perry at
Tue Dec 18 10:20:45 EST 2001

I've seen several places here in the Seattle area that advertise PAL to NTSC
conversion for a reasonable price.  So if you can get your hands on a PAL
format tape...

Chris Perry

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>What - all 45 minutes? OK, its not all quattros and there's an unfortunate
>number of DNF's but its still well worth watching.
>I tried capturing some with my rather crude setup but you'd be hard pushed
>to tell that you're looking at a quattro as the quality is almost
>non-existent. Also I can only make AVI files at the moment - 10 seconds
>worth is nearly 5Mb.
>I wonder if I can find an NTSC somewhere....

When I was in San Francisco in '99, I saw several stores selling
multisystem VCRs. This might be a better solution, I have quite a few
quattro videos I'd like to share with you all... and I prefer looking at a
big screen rather than at my laptop's hazy 800x600 myself.


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