UrS4 WiperWing mod

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 18 17:38:06 EST 2001

What's the problem, Bucky? Your winter wiper blades lifting off at
speed? You're passing a transport in two inches of slush, your blade is
making a nice arc half an inch off the glass, you can't see the end of the
hood, and you don't know whether to $hit or go blind? Is that the problem?
Is it?
    You may need the WiperWing, a mod for the UrS cars to keep that blade
firmly on the glass, yours for only a small annual fee - ah, it's Christmas,
you can have it for free.

    Unlike the Type 44, the airfoil on the UrS4 is part of the wiper blade
assembly. For us in the Northern climes, the regular blades freeze up in
winter, so I run rubber-sheathed winter wiper blades. These, of course, have
no foils, so they lift off the glass at speeds above 100 kph. I installed a
auxiliary spring which held the blade down up to 120 kph, but this is hardly

    So - I've installed a wing off a Type 44 on my UrS4 drivers side arm.
Just tested it out today in freezing rain - got up to 120 kph with no lift,
but the ice covered road prevented higher speed testing (too many 60 kph
drivers about).

    I've written up the mod with photos - it's in a 260 KB .pdf file.

Anyone who wants it is welcome to it. Looks like a winner so far.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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