Performance tip for throttle body?

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Tue Dec 18 15:59:46 EST 2001

I read that on the GT site a wile back. Won't do a damn bit of good. All it
does is make the primary and secondary open at the same time. Your foot can
get to the floor fast enough anyway....Plus if you do this mod, as I can see
with my extra throttle body sitting here, yes it will open both butterflys
at the same time, but the smaller throttle valve won't open all the way
because of the throttle stop. If anything this mod will make you LOOSE power
since it won't allow true full throttle operation. It will make it seem like
you don't need as much throttle application to go as fast, but that just
means it's harder to modulate the throttle to get the power output you want
and therefore harder to go the steady state speed you want.

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