RS-232 to Diag. Connector PC Boards STATUS

Traurig, Scott R scott.r.traurig at
Tue Dec 18 22:19:46 EST 2001

Hi all,

Some updated status for you:

1.	I now have 20 people with "reservations" for the boards. However,
this should not dissuade anyone from adding their name to the list. It is
rare to get 100% follow through on these group purchases, so if you want a
board I would guess the first 5 on the "waiting list" stand a good chance.

2.	The schematic, parts list and layout files have been posted to the
web. See below for the address.

3.	I built a perf-board version of the circuit sans LEDs and it works
like a charm with Vag-Com software. In fact I was so pleased I sent the
payment in for Vag-Com (the software only version, of course :-) this

4.	I still only have requests for 7 diagnostic connectors. We need to
get this up to 10 in order to meet the minimum order with the supplier.



	20 boards (
<> ) are on order with an
expected ship date to me of this Thursday. I'm guessing I won't actually get
them until after Christmas.

	I won't be accepting any payments until I have them in hand.

	I still don't have a final price because I am not clear on the
import/export duties/taxes on stuff coming in from the UK. It should still
be $10 or less, though.

	I have the schematics and parts layout files in electronic form.
Look for them at in a day or so at

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