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    I got that one here near Guelph.  When the original poster said
Burlington, I thought he meant the one in Toronto area.  I didn't realize,
but caught it later, he meant in Vermont.

    The Shop is called Haskins Collision center.   I didn't get all the info
before I was cut off.

    I don't know if they have email or not.  My freind who got the quote
smashed his tranny in his Asuna so he never bothered to get the work done.
His quote was between $1000 to $1500 Canadian for a complete strip, fill,
prime, paint, and clear coat.  As soon as I get the rest of the info, I'll
let you know.

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I'd actually bet you could get the hood into the 200QA. BTW, did Pete
really recommend the body shop next to him? I still have to get my GTi's
roof fixed.


On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 17:15:47 -0500 "Alexander van Gerbig"
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>    Howdy!  I grabbed an old fender from my poor 80 at the yard today.
> I
>popped that on the car and went for a test fit of the euro front
>Sport bumper.  It fits alright, but man it's not even a bumper, it's
>nothing, it probably has 1/2 an inch overhang from the headlights.  If
>bump into anything those RS2 lights are toast, along with the fog
>lights and
>corner lamps now too.  It sure does look strange to me, though kind of
>actually, gonna be another Alex original car alright, doubt anyone out
>runs these bumpers.  I stopped by a recommended autobody shop next to
>Z and we settled on painting the fender and hood on the car, so he can
>if needed, and the bumpers and front trim off the car.  All that to
>the tune
>of $500 or so, much better than $1500 I'd say.
>    So now I'd like to find a good (non worked on) hood that I can
>come and
>pick up from somebody in the lower NY area.  I don't think the hood
>fit into the 200q20v, but it might.  I plan on just swapping hoods
>ever I get the "new" one from.  Anyone got a good hood for me in this
>drivable area?
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