4kq/qsw gear selector problem....

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Thu Dec 20 10:58:41 EST 2001

Soudns like the set screw in the selector arm has let loose.

Looking at the engine bay from the front of the car, the gear selector arm is
on the front-mid-right of the transmission. It has a little 10mm hex cap
protruding from the front, and a ball socket on top that ataches to the stick
(eventually) in the pass compartment. Repair is simple, move the arm while
gently turning the set screw in, keep wiggling it around until you feel the
dimple in the shaft coming out of the transmission. Then tighten away. If
you're having a hard time locating the linkage have someone in the car move
the stick back and forth.

If this was not the problem, then it is possible that the clamp at the middle
of the gear selector arm has let go, and you'll have to source a new one. If
this has gone though, usually the rear part of the selector arm would drop
out, and you'ld be able to actually turn the stick left and right, maybe
hearing some clunking and clattring as you bang stuff under the car.

'89 90tq

On Thursday 20 December 2001 09:28 am, Audimobiles at aol.com wrote:
>     Having a problem getting an '87 qsw into gear. At first the car
> wouldn't engage reverse and back out of the driveway this morning. Whenever
> I tried reverse I'd get the back up lights and 4th gear. After a couple
> more minutes of trying to find reverse I lost 'em all (1-5). The shifter
> just flops through the pattern without resistance. Car is stuck in neutral.
> I've browsed trough the archives and caught a few pointers but not much.
> Anybody have any advice on where I should begin? I don't have a Bentley for
> it yet, but I've looked over the diagrams in the family album and my press
> release packet. Thanks for any help!
>     Dave Farrer
>     '87 QSW

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