90q missing on cyl 5...ideas?

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Fri Dec 21 14:02:08 EST 2001

> A little more info...as people are suggesting things I'm thinking of things
> already checked.
> Did the darkness test (looking and hearing for arcing).  It all checks out okay.
> I'll have to check my book, but I replaced wires, cap and rotor just under one
> year ago (guessing about 40,000km).

that's a lot of miles for the cap and rotor, I'd be planning on swapping
them anytime soon.

> I then checked the low voltage wires to the dizzy.  Now here it seems to get
> interesting. The connector and the rubber boot all appear to be in great shape
> (will inspect further at home, as I'm in my collared shirt and work-casual
> wear!).  The whole UNIT (connector, boot and plastic mount?) MOVE however!

those "low voltage wires" are for the hall sender.  If they were bad,
odds are it would affect more than one cylinder.

> Perhaps someone could pop their hood at lunch and wiggle the low voltage wires
> going into their distributor...any movement...or is it solid?

There usually a little pin that locks the socket in place - it's missing
or broken on my 90Q, so the plastic stuff wiggles a little.  What
matters is the integrity of the little wires in the dizzy that go to the
Hall sender pickup piece.

You can also probably try swapping the # 4 and 5 spark wires, they ought
to be long enough (swap both ends...) and see if the problem moves.

Huw Powell



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