4cyl front end on a 5cyl 4000

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>Subject: 4cyl front end on a 5cyl 4000
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>I gots a question. On my 4000QT I am using S6 accesories (A/C P/S pump and =
>Alt) and the associated Serpentine belt. using the serpentine system saves =
>about an inch on the harmonic balancer. Would a lower apron from a 4000 4 c=
>yl clear the balancer? Has anyone ever gotten a tap measure out and measure=
>d everything? I would love to stick a big intercooler in front of the engin=

As far as I know, there were two aprons/front spoilers available on 4000
models.  Up until 83, they had the 'receding chin' look with nothing over the
sheet metal of the chassis (except paint of course). The aprons first appeared
in '84, and were bolted directly onto the sheet metal that holds the little
plastic grille.  The 85 up models had the aero-look apron that is part of the
bumper and glued to the front quarter panels.  All of the models still have
the receding chin sheet metal underneath AFAIK.  I don't know what apron you
are planning on using, but they should be the same from 4-cyl to 5-cyl.  The
aero look apron might work, I haven't measured, but the little grille opening
in the sheet metal would probably have to be enlarged to run tubing of the
appropriate size.  You would probably need your IC to be short and wide in
order to maximize airflow over it, since the opening is short and wide.  I
don't think an 84 apron would work at all.

Huw did a write-up of his 85 bumper swap on an 82 coupe.  He also has a list
of part interchanges between the coupe and 4000 models which may be of help.
They are on his website:


Hope this helps.


82 4ks
84 4ksq

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