88 90q heater core (Almost done)

Dave Glubrecht daveglu at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 22 10:39:15 EST 2001

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While I am an experianced mechanic, the tips on heater core replacement wer=
e a great help.  Thanks to all.  I did a few things a little differently th=
an http://www.uvm.edu/~avangerb/Audi/Core.html but not significantly.  I le=
ft the wiring attached to the dash and only removed it far enough to access=
 the heater core.  I also did not remove the heater cables from the box, ag=
ain only removing it far enough to replace the core.
I did spend quite a bit of additional time cleaning the inside of the venta=
lation system.  I bought the car a week ago and the fan made noise.  With t=
he dash out, I removed the blower motor and found the air box FULL of leave=
s and debris.  Upon removing the loose leaves, I found the evaporator to be=
 completely plugged with dust, dirt and who knows what else.  Access was a =
problem, but I was able to gain some room by removing the clips on the fron=
t of the housing and flexing the halfes apart while leaving the rear clips =
to the AC housing intact.  With the evaporator this plugged, the AC system =
couldn't have been working, but I am sure this was of no concern to the pre=
vious owners who lived in Seattle.
Going to the hardware store this morning to buy foam tape to seal the new h=
eater core.
I wish I was getting paid dealer rates for this job (previous owner claimed=
 they were quoted $1000)
Estimated total time 7hrs (includes 1.5 cleaning time)
   Dave G

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  the only easy thing anyone could tell you is bag and label all your bolts=
/screws and i personly did remove just the heater core side without haveing=
 to recover a/c and remove the entire heater / a/c box, you will crack some=
 plastic doing so, because there are clips like you will see all around the=
 box holding the 2 pieces together, including up against the bulkhead, but =
if you dont tell anyone you broke the tabs, i will not either !!! take your=
 time and do not plan on doing this in one day, unless you've got years of =
experience and lots of nerves !!! or, if your evap. is bad, and you want to=
 replace it while your in there, even though it costs about 500 bucks (for =
my 93 90 anyways) you can do that too and you will not have the little prob=
lem of the cracking the box at all. and yes, it is the entire dash that nee=
ds to come out, and you might as well replace all your dash/heater lights w=
hile your there, you will prob. blow them out messing with them anyway !!

                                brian o'

  93 90 cs

  90 80

  89 80 ( for sale ) with 1 year old heater core !!

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    Dave Glubrecht <daveglu at hotmail.com> wrote:

    I checked the archives and did find that the dash needs to be removed.
    Does anyone have any additional hints that might make the job easier?
    Dave G

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