type 44 oil pan rear 2 bolts removal - how?

Konstantine Bogach kbogach at home.com
Sat Dec 22 17:33:12 EST 2001

Hm... I did not noticed fly wheel looking into that opening.  There is a step
in it which does not let the socket go in which I did not associate with fly
wheel. I thought it is the step on the bracket in which the opening is.  I can
see both bolts. Could you confirm that this is exactly how fly wheel obstruct
access? It means that I should wait until I install w/pump and timing belt and
then tackle the oil pan.

Thanks a lot.
Konstantin Bogach.

Huw Powell wrote:

> Konstantine Bogach wrote:
> >
> > I am surprised that this is not covered in archives.  2 rear bolts are
> > hidden. There are 2 holes in tranny support (forgive me if it is called
> > differently) which looks like are meant to get access to those 2 bolts
> > but a little 10mm socket does not fit into the holes.. Special ultrathin
> > socket?  Can I remove  that tranny support first?
> The transmission/engine "damper" as bentley calls it, can easily be
> removed, and certainly improves access to the oil pan.
> But I think your problem would best be solved by rotating the engine
> slowly until two access channels in the flywheel line up with those oil
> pan bolts.  I think that is all it takes.
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