Type-44: 200q cooling system flush/fill tips.

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 14:56:46 EST 2001

That's it and it's simple.  Pump it up and set it down
on the block.  Other cars with cable accuated systems
need to be disconnected and wedged open.  BTW, I use
the Prestone flush tee.  I can connect it easily in
line with the afterrun pump.  Just DON'T run cold
water through a warm/hot block while shut off!  I do
it with the car running and have been for 20+ yrs.
without damage.

Jim Accordino

> >make sure the heater valve is wide open.  it might
> be easier just to
> >pull both hoses off it to get a sure flush of the
> heater core.  Then
> >install a new metal heater valve.
> You need to pull a vacuum on the Type 44 heater
> valve to keep it open, I
> believe.  A Mighty Mite or whatever vacuum pump
> probably would do.
> --

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