BTDT on MC2 Temp Sensors

larry C leung l.leung at
Mon Dec 24 12:51:12 EST 2001

Hello Listers,

Looking for a BTDT on checking the temp sensors on an '89 200Q with MC2
engine (dual knock sensor), some which isn't clear in the Bentley, some
which I just can't find:

Coolant Temp Sensor - Bentley picture doesn't seem to show it on the
coolant flange on head. If it is, is it the one on top or the one on the
rear of the flange? If it's somewhere else, where IS it? Bentley says
check value of 60-1000 ohms, coolant at least temp 68 degrees F (20
degrees C) still in car, disconnected. From what I've read, the top of
the flange sensor is for the after-run pump.

Air temp sensor in Intercooler. Says 400-700 ohms, in car, connected.
There is no minimum temp for checking listed. So, it can be done cold
engine or should the car be run? (its about 40F (3-4 C) here right now).

ANY check values (and lead colors), disconnected or connected, min temps,
etc for the multi-function sensor in the coolant head flange. I cannot
find anything in the Bentley on this.

Thanks so much in advance to the list. And to all, Happy Holidays!

LL - NY (trying to beat the real cold coming in tonight!)

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