Denver S6 Avant, & advice on A6

larry C leung l.leung at
Mon Dec 24 13:08:13 EST 2001

The neuS6 is only offered in the US as an Avant. The one I looked at (was
stopped at a store and the freelance journalist testing it was just
opening it's door as I approached), was quite impressive.

The neuS4 is availible in sedan or avant form.

Neither is anywhere in my reach. =(

Can't help you with the gen2 A6, as the only near experience I have with
them is my friend's '93 100CSQA, which has been a remarkably reliable
car, (don't recall his milage, but it's up there.) The only problems he's
noted was a disabled climate control (needed a new head),  an alignment
issue which turned out to be an incompetent shop issue, not a car issue,
and his accidental near removal of the front lower undertray in an
encounter with one of those concrete parking lot stops. His only real
complaint, less than stellar low speed engine power (heck it's a 2.8
trying to move just shy of  2 tons of car) and the lack of a 5 sp (not
availble on any post '92 Avant, which he needed with 4 kids).

Happy Holidays!


On Sun, 23 Dec 2001 22:40:09 EST DGraber460 at writes:
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>Today I saw a pearl S6 Avant at a local Audi specialty dealer. No
>interest, but thought maybe it was a little rare?
>I was unaware they made "S" Avants. But then I haven't kept up with
>models for some time, so what's new. I'm not even clear on the
>between an early S4 & S6.
>Anyway, I was there looking for (not at) a 97 A6, as my wife's 91 100
>getting a little tired, and we need to update her ride. Any early A6
>What are the average values for series 1 A6's?

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