[V6-12v] Sensor for temp gage

Andrew Lundy fast928 at prodigy.net
Mon Dec 24 15:16:31 EST 2001


Your car has TWO sensor that monitor coolant temperature.  You don't say
which model you have (100 or 90??).  If you have the Bentley for a 90 you
can see the "sensor" for the temperature gauge on....

Page19-5 (or 19-4)..."2.8 Liter V6 2V Engine Mechanical, Engine Code(s):

This sensor is located in the "large coolant pipe" (drivers side) which is
beneath the intake manifold.  The sensor for the temperature gauge is the
"ECT thermal switch".  This sensor is a four pronged sensor that has
connections for: power (12v), coolant overheat symbol control, A/C
compressor shut-off, and the ECT gauge control.

The other coolant sensor is the ECT sensor.  This sensor is located on the
same coolant pipe on the opposite side of the engine (passenger).  This is a
two pronged sensor that has one prong to ground and the other to the ECU.

The picture on Page 19-5 (or 19-4) is labeled as:
Item #7 - ECT thermal switch
Item #3 - ECT sensor

The radiator fan switch is only used to operate the fans.

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