Grinding Gears in the New Allroad

Tom Nas tnas at
Mon Dec 24 22:59:55 EST 2001

"Alexander van Gerbig" <Audi_80 at> wrote:

>     Anyone heard of bad 6 speed boxes from the factory with bad synchros or
>something else evil?  I am going to look through the Audiwurld archives to
>see if anyone has had a problem like this.

If you dig through the archives you'll find my report of a test drive in a
2000 S4 Avant, and my only gripe with it was that I didn't like the
extremely notchy and uncooperative 6-speed 'box. I'd read similar comments
in several magazines. Apparently, these 'boxes differ in quality between
units- some are fine, some are less than stellar. The best report I've
heard so far is that they're 'less slick than most Audi gearboxes'.

>  I would really like to test
>drive it, but for some reason she feels I would more likely be the one to
>get hit, or maybe I'd be doing the hitting:)

A bad reputation is easily acquired... ;-)


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