Type 44 eyebrow dash slider switch LAC

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Dec 25 00:19:58 EST 2001

At 17:41 24/12/2001 -0500, Huw Powell wrote:

> > I'd be really happy if it was possible to get my MB to display the clock in
> > 24 hour format but I don't think that its possible.
>Well my tiny experience with this is this - on the type 89, the digital
>clock is *either* 12 or 24 hour format - two different clocks (US and
>Canadian, as far as N.A. goes).  On the type 85 digidash, you can switch
>between metric or medieval displays, metric gets you km and 24 hour,
>medieval gets you those mile things and a 12 hour clock.
>In other words, I have nothing useful to share...

I have nothing useful to share either, but it's weird how a small european
car like my mum's new Citroen Saxo can have the medieval display for the
clock (12hrs and nothing else)...it has no trip computer though so I can't
tell you about mi/km display...
Would this be an economy of some sort? I don't think that a controller for
24 hrs (or the software that's in it) would cost a car manufacturer more
than a 12hrs...

Anyway, sorry for the WOB, the Audi content is that my coupe quattro now
has 183.750 miles and is still going very strong...last week I pulled three
or four times in fifth til 5900 RPM, which means 212 km/h or 132.5
mph....Not that bad for a car that has everything stock (except for an
exhaust leak that must be somewhere at the junction between the downpipe
and the middle portion and a sporty airfilter that sounds cooler than it
filters air though...oh well) but maybe it goes that fast because of the
oil consumption of 1 quart every 650 miles...the oil must have some power
potential that gets used when it's burnt, right? :)

Good night to all of you, Merry Christmas or whatever season's greetings if
you have different beliefs than I do!

Mihnea from Belgium (that's going to fill the coupe quattro's engine with
some oil soon :-> )

'85 -OOOO- Coupe quattro


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