Snowfall UK - part II

Jim Haseltine Jim at
Wed Dec 26 12:19:55 EST 2001

So first thing Sunday morning I clear the snow from the drive, pull the car
out of the garage and change to my winter wheels - complete the job just as
it starts to snow again.

All set up now aren't I?

Nope. By 6pm all the snow had melted and I'm now running an Ur quattro on
M&S tyres that make it sound like a series 2 Landrover.

So, what's the choice? Change back to summer wheels & tyres or continue to
run these on the chance that we might see some more snow?
Chances are low - over the last 5 years I can't remember  more than 1 days
snow fall each year, but I think I'll stick where I am until the MoT is due.


Jim Haseltine

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