5KTQw rear suspension- Koni's fit!

Robert Deis rdeis at io.com
Wed Dec 26 11:51:59 EST 2001

I'm having issues with several other parts back there, as my car is an
early 86 so everything's different (and more expensive) than the late 86 -
88s, btu that's a different issue.. (-:

The front end rebuild is complete, and the few back end bushings that fit
are installed, and I have new Koni Sport (yellow) shocks all the way
around, currently set on full stiff, and new Yoko AVS Db tires all around.

I had no problem at all with rear shock fitment.

The car is transformed! It feels sooooo much better now- solid, rolls
less, more stable in general.  Much more fun to drive!

There are some really crummy roads around here, and I notice the bumps a
lot more there, but I wouldn't call it harsh.  Highways feel just as
smooth as ever.

It still rolls more than I'd like, so I think I'm going to get some
springs for it and then soften the shock settings a bit, but I'm quite
happy with the progress.

Yea! Merry Christmas to me! (-:

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