Passport 5000?

Alexander van Gerbig Audi_80 at
Wed Dec 26 18:57:30 EST 2001

    Well after cleaning up the 200q20v some more I found the old Passport
5000 detector in the boot.  I plugged it in and found it was non-functional,
plus the volume/on-off knob was frozen.  Fixed that up and bingo she works.
I spent a little time sniffing around on the internet to find more about
this thing and really can't find any usable info, other than it's old and
not as good as a V1.

    Anyone own one of these, now or previously?  Does it work?  It sure
would be a step up from what I have now, two very old Escort detectors and
the 3 band doesn't work at all, doesn't even beep in Hartford.  The laser
separate detectors works like a charm.  Maybe I should use the 5000 with
laser protection and wire the other aux laser unit into the rear window:)


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