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Thu Dec 27 14:16:45 EST 2001

More than likely just the mileage triggering device to remind you to
check/replace your oxy sensor. You can test it to be sure if it's okay or
not (and if your gas milage and driveablility are down, it may well be
bad), if all okay, you can reset the light. You didn't mention the car,
but at least on early 4K's, the reset is easily accessed in the little
box in the cowling through which the speedo cable appears to run through.
There's a little round rubber plug in the box. Remove the plug, use a pen
or pencil, depress the plunger inside, and the light goes away. I think
later 4K's require opening the dash to get to the Instrument Cluster. On
other cars, don't know. Also, note, the generic Oxy sensor (see archives)
will be fine for your car, if it needs a new one.

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001 23:16:31 -0800 (PST) Buck Rogers
<shistahappens at yahoo.com> writes:
> okay im driving my Aunt to the emergency room to get
> the toe she snapped in half all put back together and
> my cars running like usual, temp light a blinking away
> but not overheating just a bad sensor on the resivoir,
> but i turn off the car wait about one and a half hours
> for her to be put back together, soo i go get in my
> car and low and behold another light is on! whats the
> OXS light mean? (its not blinking). Thank you to
> anyone that has maybe some not so bad news cause its
> been a really bad day!
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