odd 2113 behavior, '89 200q, MC1

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Thu Dec 27 20:09:00 EST 2001

Hi James,

Mine gave me fits a few months ago.  It would fail intermittently, stalling
the car and leaving it un-startable for a time.

To make a long story short, I ordered a new distributor from TPC to fix the

The long story has me trying to find just the hall sensor from Bosch.
Apparently, some Canadians can get just the hall sensor, but we American's
cannot.  There is a rebuild kit here in the USA from Bosch for the older
model distributor, but it is around $150, with a new distributor running
around $220.  One can likely use the rebuild kit to replace the Hall Sensor
and dust shield.  I figured for the extra $70, get a new one with warrantee.

I took apart the "failing" distributor and pulled out the Hall Sensor PCB
and looked everything over.  I wound up putting it back together and
reinstalled it.  The car ran fine -- for a while.  Then the occasional stall
and no restart.  Usually restated five minutes later.  "Why are we parked
here, honey?"

Before I installed the new one I bench tested both of them with a power
supply and an oscilloscope.  Definite difference in signal between the two.
I think as they heat up, the signal changes enough that the "failing" one
stopped making sense to the ECU.

I would suggest your friend get a new distributor.  You may want to order
one, too.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq

> All,
> My poor buddy Ben conned his parents into riding SIX HOURS in his
> way-cool ringsmobile for Christmas dinner at grandpa's. The car
> ran great 50% of the time, then wouldn't start at the filling
> station for the trip home. 2113 was the only code. He had the car
> towed to a nearby shop, and they mooched a ride back home from
> his uncle. The next AM, the shop goes to "diagnose" the car and
> it starts up and pulls in the shop on its own. Repeated restarts
> with no issues. A cousin drove the car home today with no issues.
> 2113 is supposed to be hall (distributor) sensor. Do these
> buggers fail intermittently? What's the fix? (sensor, entire
> dist, etc) And should I proactively change mine?
> tia and cu, James Marriott

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