adding light relays / wheels

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Dec 29 14:39:50 EST 2001

> Since I have an older Audi with a somewhat flakey headlight circuit,
> and just had a problem with the marker light side of the swithc not
> working, someone said that I should relay the tail and instrument
> wiring in addition to the headlights, which I did in '99.  So, where
> do I do this?  I'm not even sure which wires I need to use.  Anyone
> out there BTDT with this mod?

Did it to Brendan's once upon a time for some reason - we just put the
relay right behind the switch, since everything you need is there
already.  Used the one remaining working connector terminal/switch
contact to trigger the relay, and the main battery wire coming in as a
source (it still needs to be connected to the swithc, I think? to run
the light bulb?  not sure).  That got the switch out of the high current
loop and everything still works.  His headlights were alreayd relayed,
of course.

> Oh, and while I'm here, how about suggestions for 15" wheels for my '87 4000 S?
> Mind you, price IS an issue, as I'd have to buy shoes for them too.

It's hard to find many 4 x 108 wheels, but there are those 6 spoke
things everyone uses (don't remember the name...) try a little perusal
of the tire rack website, it works well.  You should be able to find a
few $100 wheels.  (

Huw Powell

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