Type-44: HELP! Seeking good Audi mechanic in NYC/NJ Metro Area.

Pat tm2 at zipcon.net
Sun Dec 30 13:18:46 EST 2001


My 89200TQ was doing the same thing .  The peddle was pulsating until just
to the bearing finally letting go.  I then was experiencing clutch slipping
and bucking.
It turned out that my throw out bearing ate it.  By the time I pulled the
clutch there was
not much left of the bearing.  The pressure plate and disk had allot of miles
left on them
except for the fingers on the pressure plate.  It took a hit from the bearing
so I had to
replace everything.

Hope this helps

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

William Ng wrote:

> What a way to spend the new year! BAH!
> I think the Clutch decided to go through its death throws last night while
> driving from Atlantic City back to NYC. The clutch pedal would pulsate
> heavily while attempting to shift...and my 200q shook as the clutch hooked
> up. I also hear a faint screaching during idle.
> (Could broken engine/tranny mounts cause a pulsing clutch pedal??)
> Fortunately, I managed to get back with my wife and guests. But it's
> highly doubtful that the Audi will get us home in Boston! So, I'm stuck
> with 2.5 days left before departure, to get the car fixed.
> X-P
> It's too cold and too involved a job for me to dream of doing at this
> point. Do any NYC/NJ listers know of a trusty and good Audi mechanic that
> they can recommend? My 200q is currently in Staten Island, and I think I
> can limp her to a shop within a 25-mile radius(maybe).
> It's uncanny how after successfully fixing one thing, another happens to
> break just a few days later! Earlier this week I replaced my buzzy Bosch
> fuel pump with a new Pierburg unit, outdoors in 17*F . Turned out my
> mounting needed the 3214 tool. But I figured out a way to mount it without
> the 3214, and the job was relatively straightforward. I didn't get to
> enjoy it for more than 2 days then this sh*t happens.
> It's always something with these cars.
> Thanks in advance!
> Will
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