4000Q Heater Core

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> My 4000Q is starting to have an antifreeze smell inside the car, only when
> the heater is in use, and the heater works quite poorly to be honest. I am
> thinking that it is time for a new heater core, as mine is likely A)stopped
> up and B) leaking. thoughts on this? is this a rough job? someone told me
> the whole dash has to come out.

My URQ does the same thing (with the exception that the heater still works,
it just smells).
The dash does indeed have to come out. I am actually looking at the gutted
interior (dash & console totally removed) right now and still wondering how
I'm going to get to the core. Level of difficulty is high, and the time
required- my guess (guessing since I'm not done yet) more than a day.
As far as the heater not working well, check the heater valve at the fire
wall at the back of the motor. The valves can be problematic, and more
common, the control wire can slip ion it's mounting position so as not to
open fully.

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