pics of cibies vs. hella h1/h4's?

Marc Swanson marcswanson at
Thu Feb 1 06:39:13 EST 2001

> I have various pics of ur-q's, and some of them appear to have
> better (to my eye) looking eurolites than others.  They are more of
> a faceted design, with a clearer lens.  These must be Cibie
> eurolites, then?

or just newer lights with less sand pitting....

> As a matter of fact, some seem to have one headlight looking
> clearer than the other.  I wonder if these are mismatched.  I would
> tend to doubt it, it's probably just the angle.
> Could anyone post a link to a pic of some bonafide Cibie eurolites,
> perhaps one of some Hellas too for comparison?

I have some detail shots of the Cibie H4/H1 lights I put in my 4ktq at

If you want to compare them with the Hella lights I think Blau has some
pictures on their page somewhere...

> Also, is it true
> that the lenses on Cibies are not replaceable?  Or is it that they
> are too expensive?

The Cibie lenses ARE replacable.. that's why I bought them.  They are a tad
more expensive.. although it is possible to grab them for a half way decent
price if you can source them from Europe and find a semi-cheap way to get
them to the states... planning a family vacation any time soon? ;-)



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