lighting option for 4k's and CGT's

Todd Young tyoung at
Thu Feb 1 07:09:57 EST 2001

What a farce! 
You can even see the three terminals on the bulbs. I love the statement,
"The successful bidder has the option to purchase the high beam kit for
an additional $50.00."  This guy is going to make a serious profit off
of some sucker.

"Eric Fletcher S.O.C." wrote:
> > i was on the yahoo auction today and saw some hella replacent with
> > reflectors claiming to be Xenon HID lights
> > and have the glass assembly to drop in... $75.00 with lights.. but high
> > beams was another $50...
> > might be worth checking out.
> Those are not HID's they are just plain old H4's that have a Dichroic
> coating on them to make them look blue.... And turn a lot of photons to
> waste heat.
> Eric Fletcher
> '00 S4tt

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