[ Registry tweaks ] ( a fresh idea)

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Thu Feb 1 16:21:55 EST 2001

Huw Powell <audi at mediaone.net> writes:

> > In everyday conversation and in q-list messages, we talk about our 
> cars in
> > familiar model nomenclature, not manufacturer-speak.
> Hmmmm.  We do?  I suppose so.  How do you tell a 1985 80 from a 1988
> 80?  one is type 85, one is type 89... to say nothing of the type 
> $$!

Agree 100%, and this can be backed up by the fact that there are VERY few
"what's a type 44?" questions asked, even by the newbies.  If you've got
the intellect necessary to find and subscribe to this list, you can
probably remember the codes for a couple of body styles....there aren't
really that many.  
I didn't enter the discussion earlier because I figured it was rather
obvious that this is how Audi's are, and should be categorized.  
"My car is leaking power steering fluid, the door handle is broken, and
the AC only blows out of the defrost vents."<---type 44, any of the
myriad of type 44's, but it's a type 44, that's how the list mind set is.
Nothing else will work to make anything that resembles an organized

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