override 15mph diff-lock-off?

Keith Lawyer wbr90 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 3 00:00:47 EST 2001

Yeah, I would think it could be harmful on pavement at
hi speeds or for extended periods.  And I *suppose* if
you really got on the stupid pedal around a tight
corner there's the risk of snapping an axleshaft (or
is driveshaft the correct term here, or halfshaft?),
at least in theory.
  Anyway, I wanna thank all who responded, I'm gonna
try to find 10 minutes to pull the back seat this
weekend :-)

Keith L.
--- isham-research.freeserve.co.uk at pop.pol.net.uk,
quk at isham-research.freeserve.co.uk wrote:
> > Isn't it potentially bad for the diff be locked
> for long periods of time
> > at higher speeds?
> Depends on the surface you're driving over.  I think
> the discussion
> was originally about driving long stretches over
> snow - but I did add
> the comments about the warning light and the ABS
> light for this very
> reason.
> The ABS warning light is the more reliable of the
> two - it's not
> driven electrically from the differential
> controller, but actually
> from a switch attached to the vacuum actuator.
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