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Per Lindgren lindgre at
Sat Feb 3 15:57:21 EST 2001

As the lists only Cabrio owner, I guess I have to answer a this and give
a bit of info on this model.

The Cabrio was released on the European market in the fall of '91, as a
92 model. At the time of release it had only one engine, a 2.3 I-5 with
either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed Auto box. In 94 the I-5 was replaced
with 3 other engines, a 2.0 I-4 and 2.6 & 2.8 V6, all with the two
boxes. I am not sure, I believe the 2.8 was Auto only. In 96 the 2.0 was
replaced with the 1.8 20V (125 hp) and the 2.6 was dropped. The Cabrio
didn't gain the 5V heads of the A4, A6 and A8. The car got a little
facelift in 1997, it received the RS2 headlights, and the bumper mounted
turnsignal and foglight was rounded at the ends to look similar to the
RS2. The production seized in June 2000. The new front end: Compare this with the old
lights: and the

The look of the US spec is a bit different, it has the same front end as
the 80/90 Sedan. The Cabrio never received the quattro drivetrain. If it
had, I would've gotten one! Conversions are done though, this is an RS2
Cabrio: and

Suspension-wise the Cabrio is a bit of a crossbreed. The front end is
purely identical to B4 specs, but the rear end is T89. Probably the same
as the Coupe rear end. The B4 got a completely new rear axle to allow
the rear seat to fold, and to allow an Avant model to be built (the RS2
is one of these)

You can see my car at this URL: My car is a German spec 1992
2.3 with 5-speed and manual top. Hydraulic tops were available, as were
AC systems and Hardtops. Don't know if these were standard equipment on
the US market or not.

92 Cabrio 2.3

KAMMLER1 at wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've just been scanning the web, ebay, etc....... looking for my dream
> urq....... :)
> when I noticed there were ALOT of late model Cabriolets for sale. I
> thought
> maybe one would be nice for the wife....... was the Cabriolet
> available with
> a manual transmission or quattro? How many years was it built? I
> remember
> seeing one in the showroom when I took delivery of my '98
> A4TQ......... the
> sales manager said he might as well weld it to the showfloor, they
> sold so
> poorly.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dino

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