100 Q w/ 2.8 V6

Per Lindgren lindgre at online.no
Sat Feb 3 19:32:06 EST 2001

Jukka Majanen wrote:

> Per hi,
> Thanks for Your response.
> >> And... has anybody updated that N/A ´91-´95
> >> 100Q to a 100 S4....big modifications???
> >
> >I've never heard of anyone replacing the engine this way, why do it? A
> >'92 S4 is so cheap...
> Well, here in Finland are the most expensive cars ( I think )
> in the whole world, because of those taxes. So they are
> expensive also, when used...:(
> a good -92 100Q v6 is some 15-17k USD
> a good -92 100 S4   is some 25-27k USD, el cheapo?

About the same prices as here in Norway.... :-( I sold my 92 for 149.000
norwegians, I thought it was too cheap, but wanted the Cabrio soooo bad. 2.8q
Avants usually go for about 170.000 here. S4s are about 200.000 for 92-94s

> "It´s a real oil leaker and later also burner ( Per, as You said 2l/1000)
> and generally bullsh.. Before putting my hands on that, just wanna
> know a little more, maybe it isn´t BS?

Well, the engine sure isnt BS. But it has it's quirks, just as the V8.
Especially in the 92, since it is the 1st model year. Both the rings and
valve gaskets (maybe also valve guides) are known bad on these engines, but
after an overhaul it should work out fine. And contrary to the V8 you can
actually buy parts for the V6 internals. And when you are done, you can enjoy
one very sweet V6, with lots of bottom end torque. A slushbox isnt needed
with this engine, 5th is good for 45 -> top speed! I actually wouldnt mind to
have a Cabrio with 2.8 but wont replace the 2.3 in my car. I'd rather put in
a 140 hp 2.5 TDI if I were to replace the engine in my car.

I've heard a tip on piston rings for the 4.2 V8s, btw. As many of you know,
there are no parts available for this engine, but a friend went in on one of
those anyways. He measured the rings and got some Rover 2.0-16 rings that fit

> Also, can anybody tell me, where to get more info about
> those two cars specs, to find differences between v6 and S4.
> The local dealer -no way. At Audiworlds´site I found something,
> but not enough.

I can supply you with info tomorrow, both from the workshop manual "So wirds
gemacht" and the German "Auto Katalog" from 1992. Dont have time tonight,
headed over to a friend to watch some videos :-)

92 Cabrio 2.3

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