100 Q w/ 2.8 V6

Jouko Haapanen joukoh at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 3 14:29:24 EST 2001


I know that Lehtonen Motorsport (LMS) in Mietoinen has done these 100 to
S4/S6 conversions.  The boys have always been a litle bit busy with ongoing
race car projects, but if you have questions, dropping by is not a bad idea.
They are right on the highway heading out to Kustavi from the Pori-Turku
highway on yor right about 3km after Mietoinen.  Say "moro" to Risto from
me - haven't talked to him since we moved to Canada in August.  Even if you
decide to undertake this project yourself or not do it at all, it is always
fun to fop by the shop...

Why don't you buy my '88 UrQ instead, it's sitting idly in Pori as we


Jouko Haapanen
St. George, ON

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> Per hi,
> Thanks for Your response.
> >> And... has anybody updated that N/A ´91-´95
> >> 100Q to a 100 S4....big modifications???
> >
> >I've never heard of anyone replacing the engine this way, why do it? A
> >'92 S4 is so cheap...
> Well, here in Finland are the most expensive cars ( I think )
> in the whole world, because of those taxes. So they are
> expensive also, when used...:(
> a good -92 100Q v6 is some 15-17k USD
> a good -92 100 S4   is some 25-27k USD, el cheapo?
> >it isnt worth the trouble if you ask me...
> Is it a trouble? If it´s only the swap, that won´t be a problem.
> 1.5k USD and my own hands ;)
> To register and get insured that modificated car, I have to
> prove that the body, suspension, brakes are or are made
> similar or even. That can be a PITA?
> >Either go for the 2.8 or an S4. But if WANT to replace half the car, go
> >for a 2.3 and go in.... :-) Dont get me wrong, but I wouldnt....
> Ok, maybe 2.3 isn´t a good idea it´s only some 10% cheaper.
> Also I really don´t have that extra 10k USD for a very rare S4.
> But I know myself, after the first summer I don´t want to update
> the car -I need to do it...So I just wanna find as good base for
> improvements as possible.
> Anyway, I´ll drive with that v6 ( if purchased ) quite a long time,
> maybe that mod never happens, so I´m very interested in that engine.
> Things what I´ve heard:
> "It´s a real oil leaker and later also burner ( Per, as You said 2l/1000)
> and generally bullsh.. Before putting my hands on that, just wanna
> know a little more, maybe it isn´t BS?
> Also, can anybody tell me, where to get more info about
> those two cars specs, to find differences between v6 and S4.
> The local dealer -no way. At Audiworlds´site I found something,
> but not enough.
> Thanks
> j-pm  ´91 CQ 20v

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