lighting option for 4k's and CGT's (Muhammad Sohaib Bukhari)

Huw Powell audi at
Sat Feb 3 18:30:24 EST 2001

the lenses are straightforward H4 and H1 replaceable bulb units - though
who knows what brand are in that kit.  Cheesy ones are avail at JC
Whitney (IME) and the g"good" ones, hellas, run about $40 or so each.

The bulbs in the "kit" are bogus.  Just get normal H4's and H1's and
make less glare.

Relay your headlights first.  Relay them anyway.  In fact, a set of
relays and some new sealed beams will probably fix 90% of what the
H4/H1's would do for you.  sealed beams are about $8 each and new ones
are not all pitted like your old ones.

"Michael A. Carr" wrote:
> I clicked on the link for this light-kit auction and now I'm all
> excited.
> Care to share the source for this set-up. Is it something available
> retail somewhere either on the internet or via snail mail ?
> I'd like to get it for all four of the lights on my 85 5000 CS; the
> factory lights have been sucking for years now compared to all the
> later model cars of all kinds on the road now, I feel like i've got
> Rudolph the reindeer out-front of me !
> thanx in advance !

Huw Powell

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