Schrick 272 cam on Audiworld

auditude at auditude at
Sun Feb 4 11:44:32 EST 2001

Yeah, that's my Schrick. <sniff>

I hope I'm not making a mistake.  The idea is that I'm going turbo 
now, and the 272 grind is not a good grind for a turbo.  I can put the 
money into something more applicable and useful (instead of just 
hanging out inside my Coupe GT motor on the stand in the 
garage), like some 4kstq project eurolights.

There's a gentlemen that's already arranged to get the cam.  I just 
have to pull it out now.  The flywheel is somewhat blocked by the 
engine stand, so getting it to 1st cylinder TDC may be fun.

I priced the cam as I did because of the Elgin option.

Does anyone know anyone who'd want some headers (two types) 
for a twin cam Saturn, or some H&R's for same?

If I can feel more confident that my 5kcstq a/c is going to work this 
summer, I could let the Saturn go.  Arizona summer heat is no 
option if I don't have a/c.  The Saturn's paid off, so it's less of a 
burden than it could be.  It is some cash that could be applied to 
some fun stuff. tho'.  The a/c on my 5kcstq was serviced last year 
or so, and it seems to sort of blow semi-cold.  I can't tell if it's up to 
snuff, or needs work.



On 4 Feb 2001, at 10:49, TM wrote:

> Listers,
> In case someone may be interested, there is a Schrick 272
> cam for the 10v I-5 NA engine for sale on Audiworld for $300.
> Don't know if this is a good deal or not, but since several
> people were interested in the Elgins, I thought I'd pass
> this along in case someone was interested and didn't see the
> ad.
> Taka

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