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No worries there mate, I'll not buy.  And just for the record,
European Car has about the same debatable reputation as 2Bennett.
A six month waiting list is not an indicator of quality workmanship
or business practice integrity.

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There's a lotta room between 1000 and 8500.  I've heard similarly 
less than impressive things about 2Bennett's work.  I'd not be in a 
hurry to finance their summer vacations with some of the info I've 
heard about their work.   

Just how much liability in terms of service after the sale do you 
really think they'd be willing to dole out?  The truly stellar ones 
are few and var between these days. 

        I have no financial affiliations with 2Bennett, but I have seen 
every job they have ever done, and I would defend them and their work. 
have seen Duane Hales (originally) car and have come up with conclusions 
based on that.  Granted, that was not the BEST installation, but, it was
of the first ever done, and it recieved a glowing recommendation from 
European Car who said they enjoyed driving the car better than their new
        Here is the way I see it.  This whole discussion is 
redicuolous-almost unbeliveable...if you think $8500 is too much, don't 
buy... but 2Bennetts' 6 month waiting list speaks for itself. 
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