87 5000 CSQ with manual trans problems

Jack Gagnon bullitt at cybertours.com
Mon Feb 5 21:22:13 EST 2001

I have noticed a 5000 CSQ sitting under a pile of snow for several months
now at a repair shop on my way to work.  I stopped in last Saturday to see
what was up with the car.  The owner of the shop said it has transmission
problems and will not move in gear.  The owner is fed up with the car and is
wants to sell.  The shop owner says he has a part car (avant) with a good
trans.  The car in question only has 88k on the clock.

I currently own a 87 5000 CSQ with about 190 on the clock that is running
just fine after two years of work.  I really love my car but I know I will
be needing some brake line work soon since some of the lines look a bit
corroded ant the miles are getting up there.  Should I buy this car for
parts? or would I be better off trying to get the 88k car going and selling
off mine?  I am a bit leery of picking up another older Audi after what I
have put into the one I got.  I have done at the following to my 190k car:

Clutch, slave and master clutch cylinders,
rewired the driver door harness
rear bushings
all 4 shocks
water pump
timing belt
quad headlight conversion with Euro lights
front strut bearings
e-brake cables
power steering pump
rear rotors/brakes
rear caliper
heater core
turbo oil feed line

Like I said the car is running pretty good at this point.  I was thinking if
I could get the car with 88k for $600 I can not lose.  What do you think?


bullitt at cybertours.com

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