K26 in a 91 200 20v?????? 2ND POST!!!!!!

Michael Pederson mlped at uswest.net
Mon Feb 5 19:42:07 EST 2001

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Burl Vibert Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 4:18 AM

>As the 944 turbo is 2.5 litres wouldn't this also mean
>even more lag as the Audi is smaller displacement?

I would guess its a factor, but not necessarily the only or controlling one
Burl.  The cross flow Audi 20v head may arguably be a more efficient air
pump than the early Porsche 944 8 valve head.  It (the Audi 20v head) for
sure has a lot more exhaust and intake valve curtain area than the Porsche
head, and I think a more direct intake & exhaust path from the airbox down
around through the IC, throttle & out the exhaust than the more convoluted
Porsche path.

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