Door lock - Ignition chime problems

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Feb 6 17:25:24 EST 2001

> That's a pretty simple one.  Here's how I looked at it:
> 1)  The no-honk when you lock your doors means that the car thinks you have
> a door open. (Also means your alarm isn't activating)
> 2)  The door chime being on constantly means that the car thinks you have a
> door open.
> 3)  Interior lights don't go off upon locking because the car thinks you
> have a door open.
> See a trend.  Looks like you need to pull out your door contact switch and
> make sure it's still hooked up.  If it's hooked up, time to replace it.  I
> would start with your drivers door...assuming it gets used more!!

While i agree 100% with the diagnostic and where to look for trouble the
way these switches work makes it a bit of an odd failure mode.  When the
door is open, a post is released and pushed by a spring such that a
contact is made to ground, established by the mounting screw.  If a
connector falls off, or the ground becomes bad or the switch gets
gunked, the failure mode is that the door seems "shut" whether it is
open or not.

So what would make it fail the other way?... let's see - a busted
plastic post is one.  another would be a short to ground from the

You're gonna see a couple of wires at each (front) door switch, too. 
one operates the general "door open" stuff, like interior lights and
such.  The other wire goes to the power window control module to tell it
to stop allowing window function once a (front?) door is opened.

Anyway, have fun looking at your switches & I hope you find the culprit.

> > Hey all,
> >
> > Was wondering if any of you had experienced a problem like this? This last
> > weekend I noticed that my remote key lock no longer acivated the horn
> chirp
> > upon locking in my 1993 90CSQ. Upon further investigation (evening, of
> > course), I found that the interior lights no longer went off upon locking
> as
> > well and that my door chime now rings constantly, and so annoyingly that I
> > just pulled the fuse until later investigation.  At first I thought that
> > there might be some form of bad grounding or connection from  the CD
> player
> > that was installed several months ago. But I pulled the CD player, checked
> > all connections and found nothing wrong. I thought I'd try the list before
> > spending hours messing with wiring, only to end up spending all of my $$$
> at
> > a dealership getting it troubleshot. Let me know if any of you have ever
> > dealt with a problem of this nature, any relays/connections I should
> check?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Joe
> > 1993 90CSQ
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Huw Powell

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