FW: [NAC] Trip to Atlanta

Adam P. Brodeur AdamB at net1plus.com
Tue Feb 6 21:13:10 EST 2001

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2ND that.  Great place to have BBQ, but not for a Qlist gathering.  A few
others and myself have been to Joe's Bar & Grill in Woburn.  Good size
parking lot & easier to get to.  Definitely need to plan another

My .02

Adam Brodeur

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> Phil Payne wrote:
> > I'll be in the NE USA later in the year anyway...
> Redbones, anyone? Phil, let us know when you firm up your timetable.

No way! That place was utterly useless for any form of conversation, and the
vehicle viewing episode afterwards was a 'bit' of a hassle to say the least.
Perhaps a quieter, more open place for future meetings. Though, the food was
kicka*s. :-)


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