By-Pass Valve finally installed

Peter Berrevoets pjberr at
Wed Feb 7 01:34:33 EST 2001

Ah... finally put the by-pass valve in my 200TQ today. Wasn't sure what to
expect, but I thought I would do this before upping the boost any further.
Driveability is noticeably improved - subtley but definitely. I would
imagine that with some more boost that this will really wake up the

I have some pictures of the finished install and the fabrication along the
way. If anyone is interested I can send copies or perhaps I'll finally put
up a website. $65.00 CDN for the by-pass valve, $1.99 for a copper elbow, a
dremel tool, some plumbing solder, a $12.00 piece of heater hose from Cdn
Tire, $2.99 for a universal tee fitting, $3.00 of vacuum hose, some clamps
and a little blood and sweat. The dremel was invaluable!! Oh yeah! and some
Gloss Black Tremclad Paint to refinish the intake pipe.

I looked at this particular mod more as intercooler blow-up insurance than
performance gain, but it's definitely quicker with the turbo getting back on
boost much faster than previously. I wonder if the k26 might really benefit
from this upgrade?

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ
Toronto, Canada

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