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Wed Feb 7 08:00:00 EST 2001

WOW, I couldn't believe it. I found mine too. I sure was a cute kid
Mike Williams

Robert Myers wrote:
>>> Robert Myers <rmyers at> 02/06/01 05:59PM >>>
Hi Y'all,

Please forgive the NAC of this post.  I just ran across the website below 
while doing some genealogical research and found my hospital baby 
picture.  I was not aware of it but there is a 1907 US federal law that 
requires all babies had to be photographed at the hospital.  If you were 
born after 1907 then there is supposed to be a copy of your baby picture 
plus your parents.  Other countries may have different starting dates but 
apparently most have a similar legal requirement.

Happy hunting.

Just click on this URL 

While the origin of this site might seem to make it USA specific the 
on-line documentation says it now works world wide.  Give it a shot.

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