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Wed Feb 7 07:47:35 EST 2001


Last night I "burned rubber" in my 86 5ktq.  I have never done so on dry 
pavement-is something amiss with my quattro drive?  I don't drive the car 
hard on a regular basis, but I have been driving it since 1986 when my dad 
brought it home (I was 15) and finally purchased it four years ago.  I say 
all of this to make clear that I know the car very well, and as a teenager 
was occasionally a bit reckless, but I have never lost traction to the 
extent that a wheel spins beyond a brief chirp.
I was turning hard left in front of oncoming traffic on a bumpy city street. 
  I revved high, dropped the clutch, and buried the throttle. The left front 
wheel spun for a split second and the right front chirped.  I let off the 
throttle from the suprise of this happening. The car is stock except for the 
Boge Turbogas shocks all around and the tires are new.  The logical side of 
my brain makes the argument that the hard acceleration and sharp turn made 
the chassis unbalanced enough to unweight the front left wheel, but I am 
confused how it was able to continue to spin...I am revealing that I am not 
all that clear on the techical operation of the quattro system in my car.  I 
have always understood that the torque was split front to rear and so I 
assumed that the rear would grab rather than the front spinning.  Perhaps it 
was a combination of an aggressive clutch drop, uneven pavement, and sharp 
turn, but I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar occurance or if 
something might be wrong.

Cassidy Bolger
1986 5000 cstq (155,000mi.)
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