Wiper delays switches

ccohen5 at compuserve.com ccohen5 at compuserve.com
Sun Feb 11 23:59:03 EST 2001

I recall there was a major patent infringement law suit around the 
mid to late 80s involving the variable wipe interval. I recall 
that a number of manufacturers unlcuding VAG and Jag stayed out of 
the fray by not putting the product on their car. With that said, 
I had an infinite wipe switch installed on a W&P Mini Cooper in 

On another note - Phil you may recall the Ford Zephyr/Zodiacs of 
the 60s had vacuum driven wipers which slowed when you accelerated 
and sppeded up in the cruise and while braking.  Plus ce change 
and all that.


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