The MIME epidemic at at
Mon Feb 12 09:26:05 EST 2001

I've said on numerous occasions that all MIME ('multipart') emails are
blocked at my site.  This is largely for security reasons, although
partly for bandwidth reasons too.  I noticed a particularly large
number of emails being dropped at the end of last week, so I asked the
filter to collect userids in this morning's email run.  Messages from
the following are currently being dropped because of 'multipart'

    urquattro at
    coolian at
    avim at
    DGraber460 at
    paul at
    JanDebL at
    bob.rossato at
    knotnook at

If you want to see why I'm doing this:

Another reason is the famous single-pixel .GIF - one of which I've
actually received.  I think mailman now filters these, but I'm just
making sure.


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