[urq] The MIME epidemic

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Mon Feb 12 08:42:11 EST 2001

Not all of the folks on these lists have the choice wrt MIME encoded files, 
this can occur without the posters knowlege; at the server level.  

Appreciate your taking the time to understand that control of this isn't 
usually at the poster level.  No one should be apologizing for them except 
maybe servers that make these conversions with reckless abandon.  

FYI to the rest of the listers worried that phil can't read your prose, many 
times MIM format is enabled with *reply all* emails, when <edit> <copy><edit> 
<paste> will reduce or eliminate the conversion.


In a message dated 2/12/01 3:17:44 AM Central Standard Time, 
isham-research.freeserve.co.uk at pop.pol.net.uk writes:

> I've said on numerous occasions that all MIME ('multipart') emails are
>  blocked at my site.  This is largely for security reasons, although
>  partly for bandwidth reasons too.  I noticed a particularly large
>  number of emails being dropped at the end of last week, so I asked the
>  filter to collect userids in this morning's email run.  Messages from
>  the following are currently being dropped because of 'multipart'
>  headers:

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