[urq] The MIME epidemic

urquattro urquattro at phoenixdsl.com
Mon Feb 12 09:06:02 EST 2001

Thanks for the clarification Scott!

I have my mailer set up so that my posts go out as plain text ... but as
Scott says, there are some folks who post otherwise and if I reply to them
my post may not go out as plain text.  I applaud those who do take the time
to un-MIME their posts, but from my POV, if someone wants to toss them
because of the formatting that is fine by me!

I only hope that the person who posted the encoded message to which I am
replying doesn't toss the encoded reply ... :-)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose,CA (USA)

... actually, I just remembered that with OE you can sometimes chenge the
format back to plain text (a button in the "Format" pull down that is
sometimes greyed out for mine ... I will make a point to try to look for the
formatted posts and convert them ... this may make it a bit difficult to
discern the post from the reply though ...

> Appreciate your taking the time to understand that control of this isn't
> usually at the poster level.  No one should be apologizing for them except
> maybe servers that make these conversions with reckless abandon.
> FYI to the rest of the listers worried that phil can't read your prose,
> times MIM format is enabled with *reply all* emails, when <edit>
> <paste> will reduce or eliminate the conversion.

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