The MIME epidemic at at
Tue Feb 13 01:00:29 EST 2001

>> I've said on numerous occasions that all MIME ('multipart') emails are
>> blocked at my site.  This is largely for security reasons, although
>> partly for bandwidth reasons too.

> I don't think this is doing exactly what you want.  There can be
> single-part HTML messages, and single-part non-text messages, and
> single-part large messages.  Why not drop messages that are large or
> contain non-text parts, and allow through messages that are small and
> contain only text, even if they are multipart?

You're right.  I do now allow non-multipart ASCII-only through.

Unfortunately actually determining what a multi-part message contains
means fetching the message and reading it - 'mixed' is available from
the headers but nothing more specific.

I may do it if I ever have the time and inclination.

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