5kcstq shifter maintenance/refinements

Ken Keith auditude at neta.com
Mon Feb 12 20:31:58 EST 2001

I've got to do something about this annoying shifter action I'm 
getting.  I can feel the gears tapping when I shift.

Is there a certain sequence of events or procedures that is 
supposed to happen to get the shifter in top performance?

I imagine the whole engine/tranny assembly could be out of 
alignment with the body and shifter, which could cause problems.  
A friend said that you're supposed to align the drivetrain by 
loosening all the mounts, and then start the car and let it idle and 
settle in.  Then you tighten them up, I don't recall if it was engine 
off or on.  Is this the way to align the drive train?  Sounds like the 
90 degrees between thumb and forefinger timing belt spec.

Then there's the linkage bushings.  Are there kits to replace them 
all, or do I have to collect a bunch of part numbers, and buy them 

Shifter alignment.  This I'm hesitant to mess with, only because the 
shifter seems to be aligned correctly, there are no problems with 
not returning to center, or not able to get into gear, etc.  Could it be 
misaligned enough to tap gears, yet still have good articulation?

Are those the only variables involved?

I appreciate any help.  It actually slows my shifting down, because 
I can sort of ease it in and it doesn't do it as bad.  I don't think it's 
supposed to need to be eased in tho'.



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