4kq Instrument lighting - LED Question

griz griz at myrealbox.com
Mon Feb 12 21:33:08 EST 2001

Huw Powell wrote:

> > >I am attempting to replace incandecent bulbs with superbright red LED's.
> > >
> > >Problem I have is positioning light so as to actually illuminate guages.
> > >
> > >Seems that there is a sweet spot that the pinpoint of light must hit to
> > >work, seemingly like a window. Any BTDT on this ?
> > >

> Oh, and why, other than too much spare time (I should talk), are you trying to
> do this?

I'm doing this originally because light switch meltdown and elimination of
amperage through it.
Was looking for all kinds of causes. Then put relay in for all wiring through it
and then found
a lot of corrosion around inst. bulb sockets after intermittent operation. When
they failed
completely I picked up project again. Didn't see a viable way of wiring
incandescents and had
LED's laying around next to some spare time. Another thing is cost. LED's are
cheap, last
forever, and I plan to put interior lights throughout so I can see floor, map,

My original question was regarding the insides of the socket. Seems that the
light has to shine
into/onto a small area of clear or red/amber plastic that then shines onto
gauges. I want to
know if anyone has taken the cluster apart or broken one and can tell me what to
So far it's been a pita getting light where it needs to be since these LED's are

spotlight/pinpoint LED's, not diffusing light all around. I.E. Hard to aim.

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