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> >  >If they are so clean <snip> they move the exhaust <snip> front bumper
>>>>the owner <snip> same experience as all those poor souls who are on the
> > road.....

Ahhhh.  I never said that!  It was Steve in San Jose, California, who
apparently got a snort of Diesel fumes one day and therefore expressed his
However, in my 20 some years of Mercedes-Benz Diesel ownership, I never
heard any complaints from motorists behind me.   Hell, those Diesels with
automatic transmission were so slow......there was no one....

Seriously, we now have the technology to produce automobiles that sip fuel.
I once owned a 1987 Chevie Sprint, 3 cylinder gas engine, 2dr, 5sp, no A/C,
no PW, no PS. (Suzuki Motors, Japan).  Later became the Metro.  My 87 Sprint
gave me 54MPG on 87 octane. Yes, it was a *Beer Can* car on 10" wheels and
the ride was harsh, but on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, at 60MPH, I
consistantly got 54MPG on gasoline.  IMHO, that car with a 3 cylinder
Turbo-Diesel would do better fuel mileage, say in the 60-65 range.

New car salesmen I talk with say no-one wants a sub-compact car with stick
shift and Diesel engine.  Yet, how many drivers do we hear bitch about the
price of fuel?

Ed Birch.  91-100 (20MPG, but great in snow)

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